How does Corona virus / Covid-19, Spread so fast ?

it all starts with hygiene, self care and social activities, where one infected person walks in the streets, without protection and infect others with his/her cough, sneezes and droplets coming out of one’s mouth or nose.

on an average, one person infects at least 8 more people on street, in addition to his family members, if he/she does,t take precautionary measures and isolate.

Ideally, in this difficult time and social isolation one should wash his or her hands at-least for 20-seconds each time they touch unpredictable surfaces, metals, steel etc etc., cover their face with masks if they are sick, having cough or cold and avoid social interaction.

Bottom Line : The Rule is, never take it easy, either forget its over. Just keep on doing your protection, until the pandemic is officially over, declared by WHO, which is not going to be any sooner. So better add these all things in your daily routine.

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